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What is the purpose of the Mission Khushal Punjab, with whom it is related?

Mission Khushal Punjab

This is a Mission which has been launched by 11 years old Meedhansh K. Gupta and his parents Sandeep K. Gupta & Monika Gupta for upcoming Legislative Assembly elections in Punjab 2022.

The Mission has been dedicated to in the memory of Sh. Khushal Chand Gupta who is Grand Father of Meedhansh and Father of Sandeep on his Birth day i.e. 9th July 2021. The name is taken from the Grand Father's name and connected to Mission Punjab elections 2022 i.e. Mission Khushal Punjab.

The main motive of this mission is to spread awareness about voting especially to the kids by Meedhansh and other community people so they should know to whom vote and to whom not before voting because after voting and electing a political representatives that make a direct impact on the life of constituency people. Vote should be given to a Leader always irrespective of a party and biasing effect because leader always has a capacity to do something and even has the capability to create big parties and followership and leadership is to be determined by his past action to be taken for society and capability to do something.

As we have mind-set that kids are kids and not able to do much in their life as they don't have that kind of mind-set to understand the various issues going on in the society but parents also busy to earn their living and doing hard work every day and thus not able to spare extra time to give a thought on to resolve the issues at the social or political platform. Usually we listen the reviews about politics especially from young generation and kids as well that we don't have much interest in politics and don't know much about that because they are busy to grow themselves and in their studies as well.

But after all in the society where we are living and performing whatever the kind of activity that get directly affected by the political system which has been designed and controlled by various political people like Councillor, MLA and MP and whosoever is in the political arena. So according to Meedhansh and his parents we have to come out of this mind-set and break the limitations as well where we need to put forward our kids and enable them to understand the environment where they are getting affected whether that's happiness in the family, lifestyle of family, family earning, education, society, environment which is directly or indirectly getting affected by their political system surrounded by them.

We need brains who can resolve the issues to various problems and we all have given by GOD but not only good brain work to resolve the issue also need ample time to give a though and thus kids are the best option to participate in every kind of matter. Only the thing we need to feed education to them about any kind of topic. Parents are busy to earn their living; youth is busy to settle themselves in terms of to get a good job and good life partner. So only the option we have kids who are best option to get involved and thus Gupta IT family decided to launch the portal and involve the kids.

The mission will be executed by the family with visiting to every single constituency in the entire Punjab and same message will be delivered to family's constituency wise. For this kids will be invited of Meedhansh's age group and will be enrolled for the voting course where the complete awareness program will be delivered to them and thus thereafter the information of their local leaders who may be either a sitting MLA or non-Sitting MLA and whosoever can be future candidate for competing election, their past work and activities will be uploaded on the portals and thus thereafter the voting for a good will be done and a complete picture will be represented in front of Punjab's public so they can decide to whom they should vote by choosing their leaders without any party effect.

After completing a one week course on voting and politics the kids will become eligible to participate in voting procedure with their parents' consent and thereafter they will become eligible to joins Meedhansh's army where Meedhansh will upgrade them to develop them IT professional by teaching programming course for their future development because once we good our good political environment only then we can think further to resolve the other issues of life. We can think something good for something else.

All the programs will be delivered by Meedhansh and his parents along with their entire team members at no cost i.e. all the programs will be free of cost. Also a 2 days free program will be conducted by Meedhansh regarding health because recently in last two months Meedhansh achieved four different certificates from World Health Organization where the safety measures has been learnt by Meedhansh and will be delivered further to kids so to fight with corona third wave which is expecting in the future and it is said to be dangerous for the kids. So instead getting afraid Meedhansh will prepare kids to fight them and train them to protect their families and people surrounding them.

Mission Khushal Punjab